Russ Withey manages music shops in Carlisle and Workington.

It is a dream job for a man who loves music, but this man is much more than a passive listener

Russ, 36, also uses the Carlisle HMV store to promote new bands trying to find an audience. He uses his shop window as an advertising board for any live entertainment in the city but also allows the new young bands to launch themselves playing live music in his shop,

He and partner Amy go to every festival they can - big, small or whatever size and whoever is in the line-up.

During Covid, with no store to manage and certainly no festivals to attend, Russ turned his attention to helping in another way.

He lives in Denton-Holme and started volunteering at the Harraby Community Centre foodbank.

"I had become involved with the centre through going to a movie club there and they do so much that I wanted to help."

His involvement led him to become a trustee - a position he held for about 18 months.

"I found I had so much to do that I stepped back. I still help at the centre whenever needed and I still do their social media," he said.

Although he is from the Midlands, Russ has another surprising love - Tottenham Hotspur’s football team.

The cost and time to travel to a game is considerable but once you have picked you team, it seems you can't change your mind.

Russ travelled to London recently to see a game -his first live game in six years.

He has been with HMV for 18years - the age he was when he got the job.

"It's my dream job - being around music everyday."

It is that passion that makes him determined to help the young musicians who will provide the music for this generation and beyond.

At HMV, a large shop in a busy city centre, they have the chance to play their music or advertise their gigs,

That is due to a man who, whether helping at a foodbank or giving psace to a musician,is at the heart of his community.