An adoption agency is celebrating its first birthday after a successful year in rehoming 120 children. 

Adopt Coast to Coast, the Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) for Cumbria, Durham and Sunderland, has approved 77 adopters and over 70 more are currently in the adoption application process which bodes well for rehoming those in need with a home over the coming year. 

Cumbria County Council, Durham County Council and Together for Children, which delivers children’s services on behalf of Sunderland City Council, joined forces in April 2021 as part of an initiative to unite adoption services across the country with the purpose of giving adoption teams greater opportunity to find the right homes for children in care.

Paula Gibbons Head of Service for Adopt Coast to Coast said: "As we celebrate the first anniversary of Adopt Coast to Coast it is the ideal time to reflect on all that we’ve achieved, and how the team have come together over the last year.  

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"We launched at a time when there was a lot of uncertainly due to Covid and an ever-changing working environment, but the teams have fully embraced being part of Adopt Coast to Coast and working alongside their new colleagues. 

"We have received a very warm welcome since launch and have seen an increase in enquiries of 31% which means we are in a strong position in starting year two.  Despite our success we know we need to continue to work hard to bust the myths that result in people deciding they are not suitable to adopt even before they contact us.  

"Collectively agencies across England don’t have enough adopters for the number of children and babies needing a permanent home, so we are always looking for more safe and loving homes for children in our care.


"We are keen to speak to people who are considering adoption as a way to start or grow their family and we are in particular need for adopters who would consider children who typically wait the longest to be matched with a family.

"This includes brother and sister groups, children aged 4 and over and children with disabilities and learning difficulties," she said. 

Adopt Coast to Coast hold two virtual information events each month, as well as offering one-to-one appointments, the group encourages anyone who has ever thought about adoption to come forward to let them help you decide if it's the right decision. 

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