AN ACCOUNTANCY firm has just announced that it will continue to sponsor Aspatria’s rugby union club

David Allen recently helped the club invest in new facilities which included a revamped changing room and medical room. 

Now a partner of the company, David Allen has a real connection with Aspatria as he worked at the Cheese Factory in 1983 until 1991.

Barney Clegg, a committee member of Aspatria Rugby Union Football Club said: “Many clubs look for support from those they have a commercial relationship with.  David Allen has year in, year out provided this many ways.

“The club made a decision that this was the time to invest in our facilities.  A grand plan was developed to rectify building defects in our changing room area and alongside this provide a revamped medical room capable of dealing with any on pitch incidents.  Ventilation throughout the building was improved and redundant space re-tasked to create small changing rooms to meet the needs of our female volunteers.

“All the above was expensive and this is where David and his team demonstrated that they were not just there for the good times.  David backed our crowdfunding activity to the hilt and his involvement attracted several other large donations.  However, even with grants added to our own efforts there was a shortfall.  On learning of this David arranged an additional donation to complete all the required works.

“At Aspatria we are now back to something approaching normality with all major works completed and benefitting the local community thanks to a lot of people but not least David Allen.”