On April 23, independent record stores across the country will join together to 'celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store'. 

Amongst the 264 independent record shops participating is the city's own Future is Vinyl, in Carlisle's Vinyl Cafe on Abbey Street.   

This years day will mark the 15th anniversary of the global Record Store Day, bringing with it exclusive releases and events to independent retailers to cater for every taste and need on the day. 

Owner of Carlisle's indepedent record store, James Brown, said the event is the store's biggest day of the year, 'every year'. 

News and Star: LIMITED: Releases include Sam Fender, Blondie, Dire Straits. LIMITED: Releases include Sam Fender, Blondie, Dire Straits.

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"The previous years we've had queues outside, which we're always thankful for as there's a lot of work that goes into this each year," he said. 

James said he was also happy to see that the record and vinyl resurgence is still carrying through and that the 'trend is rising'. 

"There's a lot of families introducing youngsters to the joy of vinyl and records rather than being on the phone using Spotify. 

"It's great as well because it allows you to sit down and take some time out from this chaotic world we live in and enjoy the music. 

"It's that meditation thing as well, that can be really good for you. There's a lot of technology bombarding you all the time, it can be quite detrimental for your mental health. 

"To sit down and play a record from start to finish, which may take about an hour, you just sit back, close your eyes, and get lost in the music - it's good for the soul," he said. 

The global event sees a growing number of independent record stores taking part each year. 

News and Star: CATERING: Plenty on offer for all tastes. CATERING: Plenty on offer for all tastes.

The Record Store Day allows a hub like Vinyl Cafe to sell hundreds and hundreds of exclusive limited edition vinyls and in the stores roster this year includes; Taylor Swift; Pixies; Echo and The Bunnymen; Fontaines DC; Spiritualized; Rex Orange County and Frightened Rabbit to name a very select few.  

"We're expecting deliveries right up until the bone - if you can get your hands on one, you've got a release that will never be pressed again," he said. 

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