LEADING Agronomist Helen Dent has joined Carbon Metrics as a Director to help propel the business forward and use her vast industry experience to bring new services to Carbon Metrics alongside its carbon management plans for farms and rural businesses.

Following five years at crop production specialist, Hutchinsons, Helen will be taking up the leadership position and play a crucial role in developing team at Carbon Metrics as it continues to add value to farming and rural businesses who want to optimise their business performance.

A key part of Helen’s role will be business development as well as conducting regular customer visits to advise on and produce carbon management plans. She will also be working with the team to develop plans for future carbon accounting reports which can be used by rural accountants.

Using her vast background in Agronomy, Helen will also be bringing nutrient management plans to Carbon Metrics which will be available alongside its carbon management plans.

She said: “I’m keen to develop a nutrient management service for Carbon Metrics as it sits well alongside our fundamental offering of carbon management.

“With a background in arable farming, but also in dairy, I’m a firm believer that all farming systems start at the soil. People think soil management is only important to the arable sector and it’s not. With animal systems, yes, you’re very focused on the livestock but the animals are another method of harvesting what is in the soil. You’re using a cow instead of a combine for example, but the soil feeding the grass that feeds the cow is extremely important to what you can produce.

“We will also be ensuring that all of our plans are of significant value to farmers and customers with clear guidance on what improvements and efficiencies they can make. It’s not just a report of findings.”

With a strong network of businesses built in the industry already, Helen will be sourcing partnerships for Carbon Metrics not just with farms, but with other local and national businesses to continually develop the company’s offering.

On why she chose to make the move, Helen said: “I really like the company’s attitude to carbon planning being the same as financial planning – something that is going to help farmers grow and succeed. It’s not a tick box exercise and it shouldn’t be treated like one. I also have a keen interest in helping build businesses across all farming sectors, not just arable, and now I can be involved in all different sectors.

“It was the overall attitude to helping farmers, making it work for them and adding value to farmers that really attracted me.”

Carbon management plans from Carbon Metrics fuel business efficiency and performance. Helen said: “By using us, not only are farmers managing risk of their costs and their productivity in the short-term, but if they look at carbon now, they are managing potential risk to their business from somebody in five years’ time coming in and telling them you've got to be net-zero and they don't have a clue how to get there. It’s all about pre-planning which will ultimately manage risk.”

Helen studied at Harper Adams University undertaking Agriculture with Crop Management, during which she undertook a placement year at Hutchinsons. During her training, she travelled the country working at many different depots and farms before taking on a full-time role with Hutchinsons when she completed her professional qualifications to become an Agronomist in Cumbria.

Simon Haley, Managing Director of Carbon Metrics, said: “We are delighted that Helen has joined the team at Carbon Metrics as we know just what she can bring to us. She's built herself a great reputation in the industry and that’s because she has a genuine passion for improving farming businesses.”