CRITICALLY acclaimed performer Steve Steinman returns to Carlisle next month, performing 25 of Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman’s greatest hits.

Steinman’s show, Anything for LoveThe Meat Loaf Story, will take place at the Sands Centre on Friday, May 20.

Discussing the show, Steve said: “It’s been a hell of a journey! Next year will be the 30th anniversary of touring next year. The show isn’t a tribute to Meat Loaf per se, it’s more of a tribute to the music. I don’t do the lookalike thing and people come to see the show for the production and its values.

“I think people come as I’ve grown an audience from Vampires Rock and other musicals I’ve taken part in.

“I’m very lucky that I can perform these great songs from Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman. With both passing away recently we’ve really gone to town with showing how the two of them needed each other. I’m really paying homage to these two great people. When you get my show you have the comedy, the great band and the lighting and sound, the full package.


News and Star: LIVE: Steve will celebrate 30 years of performing next year. Picture: Steve Steinman ProductionsLIVE: Steve will celebrate 30 years of performing next year. Picture: Steve Steinman Productions


“It started 30 years ago with Stars in their Eyes, and it has grown to a point where we’re doing arenas and touring Europe, but it has taken that long to achieve it, it hasn’t been an overnight success.”

Joining Steve on the evening will be Lorraine Crosby, the female lead vocalist on I Would Do Anything for Love.

Speaking about his special guest, Steve said: “We’re lucky to have Lorraine join us in Carlisle and it’s great to have her on board. She sang on a few tracks and it’s a privilege to have her join us.”



When asked if he’s experienced a rise in popularity since the singer’s death, Steve continued: “I haven’t actually. We’ve been very popular for 20 years’ worth of touring and have done really well. Meat Loaf didn’t tour constantly, and I don’t think it’s made a difference to my show.

“The venues were we usually sell out have continued to do so. Whether we receive new fans because of it, I don’t know.”

Tickets for the show are available through Better Box Office.


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