A Cumbria County Council worker has left her role after 13 years to take up a new job as Chief Executive of a neighbouring authority.

Dawn Roberts, who used to serve as Executive Director for Corporate Customer and Community Services, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive for Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Dawn was appointed to Cumbria County Council 2009 to the role of Assistant Director Policy and Performance and since then has held the posts of Assistant Director Corporate Governance (Monitoring Officer), Corporate Director Resources and Transformation and is currently Executive Director for Corporate, Customer and Community Services.

Speaking about her departure, Ms Roberts said: "I have been offered, and accepted, the role of Chief Executive for Dumfries and Galloway Council and as such I will leave the County Council in early Summer.

"I leave the council after 13 years, having joined in 2009. I have been very fortunate to have worked for an organisation that has supported me to gain the wide range of experience and skills that makes me ready for this amazing role and opportunity that now lies ahead of me.

"As I reflect on my time here, I have had the pleasure of working with truly talented people and outstanding teams who are committed to providing excellent services.

"I have also really valued the time I have had working alongside our Elected Members who work so hard on behalf of their communities.

"I am very proud that I have been part of a strong collaborative leadership team that has helped drive forward change and improvement and am immensely proud of all that we have achieved together for the people of Cumbria."

Work is now underway to ensure there are arrangements in place for the continued leadership of the Corporate, Customer and Community Services directorate and to have in place continued arrangements for the County Council to play its full part in the LGR transition programme.