THE Prince of Wales has met refugees from war-torn Syria during a day-long trip to Cumbria.

Prince Charles spoke to two families who found safety after escaping their homeland and built new lives in Carlisle in 2017.

Riyad Moussa, 45, his wife Myassa Moussa, 40, and their four daughters, Jamila, 14, Jana, seven, Hana, six, and Joanna, four, spent time chatting to Charles.

The family, originally from Aleppo, escaped Syria to Lebanon and were resettled to Carlisle in 2017.

They were one of the first families among around 250 people resettled in the area from Syria, the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan thanks to the Home Office, UNHCR and Cumbria County Council.

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Jamila, translating for her father, said their house in Aleppo was bombed by Russian forces in Syria, causing the family to flee their homeland.

The prince asked them how they were getting on and if they were enjoying life in the UK.

Jamila said: “He just asked how we are liking it and if I like school and if we like it here or not.

“My father said, ‘I’m very happy. Lovely’.”

Mr Moussa, who worked in Syria as a gardener, a passion also shared by Charles, has a delivery driver job but keeps an allotment.

He said: “I love it here because I came from war and I came here and I’m very happy.

“I miss my country but also it is not a good government, it is very bad, like mafia, like Russia.”

Mrs Moussa said the prince spoke some Arabic, telling the family “Inshallah” after asking how they were getting on with Ramadan, the holy month where Muslims must fast during the day.

The Prince of Wales also visited Carlisle’s water treatment works to see how ultraviolet LEDs are making ripples in the field of low energy water treatment. Developed by Penrith firm Typhon, the technology is the only one of its kind capable of disinfecting drinking water supplies on a large scale.

Typhon CEO Matt Simpson said: “We were honoured that His Royal Highness was interested to come and learn more about this hugely important leap for UV technology in the water industry. It was wonderful to be able to share the story of how a small local firm and the local water company have worked together to take the idea all the way through from demonstration scale to a marketable industrial application right here in Cumbria.

Earlier in the day Prince Charles had met local farmers and business owners at Hutton-in-the-Forest, and Westmorland Services at Tebay.

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