A councillor has made a request for the extension of a speed limit to be looked into.

Mike Mitchelson, Conservative City and County Councillor, has formally requested that the County Council look into extending the area of the 30 mph speed limit at Gilsland, an area which he represents.

Mike Mitchelson said: "I attended a public meeting held in Gilsland and one of the issues brought up by residents was their concern regarding speeding vehicles in residential areas to the North of the village.”

“I have asked officers at the County Council to look into the possibility of extending the existing 30 mph speed limit area further North from its existing site on the bridge over the River Irthing as you enter the main village”

Councillor Mitchelson believes that the speed restrictions should be extended Northeastwards on the road towards Gilsland Church and Spadeadem which is regularly used by pedestrians, and also Northwestwards on the road towards West Hall to cover the area from “The Hill” towards the village, as he said the road narrows and there are several properties whose access to the highway have limited vision as they enter the carriageway.

This section is also part of the Hadrian’s wall cycleway.