A SCHOOL has been exuberant in its efforts to raise funds for Comic Relief, raising over £700 and counting. 

Kingmoor Junior School has been going the extra mile with a day of fun-filled activities, all in the name of Red Nose Day. 

Alex Graham, Year 3 teacher, organised the outdoor event, The Kingmoor Moveathon, which ran all day in the school playground. 

The Moveathon requires the children to complete a circuit of a certain amount of laps in any way they please, whether that be running or cycling. 

"I've just been out and someone's hopping and everyone's getting sponsored to do a certain amount of laps, it's been really fun," Alex said. 

The day also encouraged students to wear clashing colours to mark the occasion. 

"We've got children that have come in bright colours and fashion prints, I've currently got a flowery dress on, leopard print belt and a pink t-shirt, so the kids and I are all very much clashing," she said.

News and Star: CLASH: The young fundraisers doing their bit for Comic ReliefCLASH: The young fundraisers doing their bit for Comic Relief

The initial target was to reach £200, but targets have been well exceeded as 52 donators have raised £710. 

The party will go into the evening as the pupils will dance their way into the school disco, continuing to raise funds for the worthwhile cause. 

Last year, Red Nose Day 2021 brought in a huge amount of cash for Comic Relief, to the tune of £52million.