PENRITH Mountain Rescue Team had to attend an incident near Heughscar Hill on February 27, 2022.

At 12.15pm authorities were called for help after a 58-year-old woman slipped during a climb making her way from Pooley Bridge, heading uphill.

The duration of the incident lasted 2 Hours 15 Minutes until the woman was in safe hands.

After the Mountain Rescue Team assisted the situation, Northwest Ambulance Service were then alerted, after the woman has injuries due to a slip on a rocky path.

Five Team members were able to immediately respond and drive to the casualty site, having collected the paramedic at the road ahead.

Once at the casualty site, Team members transferred the casualty into a ‘cas bag’ (big fluffy bivi bag) then into the stretcher which was placed in the Team Land Rover.

Once secure the Team drove the casualty to the awaiting ambulance and then pass her onto the care of the NWAS ambulance crew.