AN ECO-FRIENDLY shop which claims to be the ‘one-stop shop for all your everyday plant-hugging’ is growing in popularity with its selection of all things re-usable.

Eco Tree owner Edmond Pendrous, whose Carlisle store sells everything from soaps, degradable toothbrushes to shampoo bars made with no chemicals, said: "We’ve been open for around six years now, and it almost happened accidentally.

"I saw an advert for the bamboo toothbrushes and bought a few, and sold some remaining ones on Ebay and they sold like hot cakes.

"It made me realise how many people out there really do want to do their best to help the planet."

Since then, Mr Pendrous decided to open his own market stall full of eco-friendly trinkets, and was surprised with how well it all went.

He said: "It was a risk but it paid off. After a few years of having our market stall, we now have our own eco-friendly shop within The Lanes Shopping Centre which we couldn’t be happier about."

openingAlthough the shop focuses on products such as husk travel mugs, natural toothpaste, reusable straws, and even reusable sanitary products, it has a new range of scented eco-friendly soaps such as vanilla, melon, violet, and marine, and is soon branching out into the vegan side of things, such as vegan sweets and oatmilk.

Mr Pendrous said: "There are finite resources in the world. It can’t go on forever, a lot of plastic get put in the landfill is horrendous for the planet.

"I feel like, hopefully now people are aware that we need to take care of our planet more."