WITH Valentine’s day fast approaching, there are plenty of hopeful partners looking to pop the question to their special One.

And there’s no reason not to this year, when there’s a ring on sale for £1 - the same price of a bar of Dairy Milk - a real bargain for lovers, which many have called ‘cute’.

It comes in a red, heart-shaped box as a gift for the most romantic day of the year on February 14, and the production description reads ‘share some love with this ring.’

The retailer, Asda, sell the ring as a ‘novelty’, and the fun engagement ring is now sold out for the time being in Carlisle.

Twitter users are polarised over the idea of having an engagement ring with a £1 price tag.

One customer left a review on the Asda website saying: "I haven't bought this but trust me if you present this to your partner instead of the real thing they'll probably knock your teeth out, I would if mine did LOL."

Each to their own!

Asda has been approached for comment.