OXFORDSHIRE is home to a government body lavishing millions of pounds on small villages and towns in Cumbria.

These pretty villages on the Lakeland fringe, such as Beckermet and Gosforth, have been signed up to a “Community Partnership” for the “biggest environmental project in the UK”.

The project is looking for large geological areas of solid chalk, clay, granite and such like, in which to very carefully emplace the UK’s heat-generating nuclear wastes.

It seems unfair on the people of Oxfordshire that they have not been properly alerted to the “fantastic opportunities” hosting a deep Geological Disposal Facility can offer to their communities.

Oxfordshire-based Radioactive Waste Management must have come to the conclusion that the teeth in this gift horse are rotten.

Otherwise, surely to goodness RWM’s home turf, with its large areas of chalk and clay geology and equally pretty villages, would have been first in the running for this marvelous opportunity to host a deep hot nuclear dump.

Marianne Birkby
Lakes Against Nuclear Dump (a Radiation Free Lakeland campaign)