NOW that the 'Colston Four' have been acquitted of criminal damage, despite admitting, boasting of and being filmed toppling the 18th century Bristolian’s statue, will sentries once again need to be posted to Hadrian’s Wall, to watch for protesters against Ancient Roman imperialism, even more dependent as it was on slavery?

Despite the Attorney General Suella Braverman “considering” referring the “perverse” acquittal to the Court of Appeal, though jury verdicts are unassailable except with new evidence, she persists in hailing the jury system “an important guardian of liberty”.

I wonder if the watching world agrees, or is it another British self-delusion, like the NHS being “the envy of the world”, even as many cancer and heart disease sufferers wait in vain for treatment?

Why am I not surprised that the BBC devoted most of its Saturday 'Today' radio programme to the demise of an American actor instead?

Richard Lennox,