WHAT planet is Stephen Blease on when he eulogises about the ‘good’ that Mr Tony Blair did, citing the likes of redistribution of wealth, Good Friday Agreement, financial support for the NHS, etc (The Cumberland News, January 14).

Let’s get this right, Mr Blease. The majority of groundworks carried out to pave the way for peace in Northern Ireland was carried out by the Major Government.

Blair intervened by appeasing IRA terrorist leaders and by secretly handing ‘Get Out of Gaol’ cards to all Republicans while hanging out to dry British servicemen who served during the conflict.

NHS money was provided through Blair’s Private Financial Initiative which was geared toward inflating business profits at the long-term cost to health trusts, the Cumberland Infirmary being a good example of many throughout the country of having a PFI leaden collar around its neck for years.

He started reducing the quality of exams in order to inflate results, desiring all students to go to university and in doing so, observed the decline of all technical trades which left construction floundering.

He formulated devolution, and we can all see the confusion that has caused.

He through open the country’s borders to mass immigration from Eastern Europe, creating huge social problems in doing so.

He truly did have influence in the distribution of wealth, he made certain that he was going to win the lottery when he left office.

He also threw open the pub doors with 24-hour drinking, gambling was given a free rein, and hugely increased social breakdown.

He developed a government of deceit under a canopy of ‘spin’ organised by the odious Alistair Campbell.

There’s lots more to identify the reasons why Mr Blair should never ever have been given a knighthood, and I’ve never even mentioned the illegal Iraq war!

William Smith


RECENTLY I read the article by Stephen Blease on the monarchy (The Cumberland News, December 22) and disagreed with every word he wrote.

At the same time, I rejoiced that your paper demonstrates that we still live in a society wherein controversial views can be expressed – an essential, I have always understood, for intelligent debate.

As a result, I was forced to examine my position and question why I think as I do; even, now and then, to modify my stand a little. This must surely be all to the good. So long may you flourish, Stephen Blease!

You are always worth reading anyway.

Daryll Hall


THE ‘lefties’ at the BBC are having a field day with the Party party at No10, forgetting that New Labour multi-millionaire Blair has been honoured for his ‘efforts’ in sending men and women of our armed forces to their deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, from which no good came.

In another age Mr Blair would have been boiled in oil.

As for Boris – he leads the country at a time of tremendous difficulty. He is not a Churchill – but he is the best we have. The best of luck to him.

John Warmingham