THREE homes are planned on plots in Cleator Moor.

Copeland Council has received an application for planning permission to build three dwellings at Keekle Meadows, Cleator Moor.

High Grange Developments Limited has submitted the application for plots 87, 88 and 91.

A separate application is required for plots 87, 88 and 91 as they straddle the boundary between Phase 3 and Phase 4 of an ongoing housing development.

Access to the proposed homes is covered partly by the previous phase 3 planning approval and by the phase 4 reserved matters application.

The applicant said: “It is considered that there are no direct access issues arising form this application for 3 dwellings.

“There will be no amenity problems for local residents in adjacent properties.”

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval.

Comments of support or objection from the public will be taken into account by the planning panel when they consider whether to give plans the greenlight.