A CARLISLE native has just released his latest book - which is littered with odes and nods to the city's community and real-life characters.

'With Every Breathe' tells the story of how the community can band together to help save the life of someone vulnerable; in this case, a little girl.

The author and full-time primary school teacher, Peter Scholes, said the book will "tug on the heartstrings" but ultimately it shows the community of Carlisle in a good light.

Whilst the book is classified as fiction, it's as real as it gets.

"Every character in the book is a real person, someone I've known or someone I've worked with," he said.

The book is dedicated to Peter's uncle Tony who died as a result of Covid-19, a "real character" who lived in Upperby, on the very street the book is set.

"When my uncle Tony died, he asked for the Hokey Cokey to be played and after a bit of a battle with the priest, they eventually played it.

"That's just one of the many true stories within the book," he said.

A lot of the characters featured within the book are family and friends of Peter's uncle Tony.

This is Peter's third book, and using real-life people as his characters is not a new feat for the author.

His last book, Once Upon A Time There Was A Man followed a similar path of enveloping real life people from Carlisle within its pages.

When asked how the full-time Accrington Sping Hill Primary School teacher manages his time, he said: "It's not easy, I'm a single dad as well, so I've got the schoolwork and then my little one, but it's just something I enjoy and make time for.

"I'm a Carlisle United season ticket holder as well, so writing and football, that's my loves."

The intriguing and youthful front cover of the book was created by Peter's 10-year-old niece, Yasmin Evans.

The book is available to buy on Amazon, and any funds accrued will go towards a good cause.

"I contacted Cumberland Infirmary, because there's a section set in the Children's ward there, and after speaking to them, we've agreed that any royalties the book makes will be deposited to the hospital," he said.

The positive messages from Peter's work have been filtering in since its release earlier this week.

"I've had all sorts of messages coming back from people that have read it so far, it's been amazing and so humbling," he said.