EVERYONE associated with Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, Cumbria’s children’s hospice, would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who donated to the annual Light up a Life appeal.

The appeal ran towards the end of 2021 and helped raise an incredible £25,500 for the charity, which provides care for adults, children and young people with life limiting illnesses and their families from across Cumbria.

The money raised will help the dedicated staff and volunteers to continue giving expert care, love and support to local people at their time of need.

Usually, the Light up a Life appeal culminates with two very special services in the run-up to Christmas; one at the hospice itself in Carlisle and another in the city’s cathedral.

However, both these physical services unfortunately had to be cancelled this time due to bad weather caused by Storm Arwen and Covid-19 respectively.

A virtual service was, though, created to give people the chance to hear some of the readings and music that would’ve taken place at those ceremonies, as well as providing an opportunity to reflect and remember loved ones.

Patricia Livsey, Chief Executive at Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, said: “We'd like to thank everyone who has donated to this year’s Light up a Life appeal.

"Every single penny that our very kind supporters have contributed will help us continue to offer amazing care to adults from across north Cumbria as well as children and young people from right across the county.

“While the Light up a Life appeal raises much-needed funds for the hospice, it is also a special opportunity for us to take a chance to remember all our loved ones.

“We were really saddened that we had to cancel both our physical services this year, but our top priority had to be the health our staff, volunteers, supporters and the wider community.

"We know how much these services are loved by everyone associated with the hospice and we very much look forward to seeing everyone again soon.”

The virtual Light up a Life service can be viewed on the hospice’s YouTube channel.

The loved remembered included:


An amazing husband and dad, Michael Aird missed greatly ever
Brian Allen, You are always in my heart
My Ever Loved Husband Ken
Kate Allnutt
Terry Allnutt
Joan Allnut
Bill Inglis (Billy)
Mary Inglis (Mum)
George Housby
Norman Inglis
Abbie Nicholson
Dorothy Beaty
Winifred Anderton
Joan Schofield
Richard McGrath
Never lose hope.  All will be as it should
For family
George Kinghorn Armstrong
Isabella Armstrong
Mr George Armstrong
Mr Frank Armstrong
Mrs Maureen Graham
Arthur Armstrong
Edna Armstrong
Bunt Bell
Annie Bell
Elizabeth Stephenson
Elizabeth Armstrong
John Bell
Howard and Doris Armstrong
Bob Armstrong
Frank Armstrong
George Armstrong
Maureen Graham
My Husband, Gerry Armstrong
My Mother, Rosanna Sleightholm
Harvey Askins
David Armstrong
David Le Poidevin
To Inge and Bert, your loving light shines on, with love from Linda, Mil and Jim
To Nanna, with love from Linda and Mil
To Tante Eva with love from your English family
Howard Atkinson
Sandra Elliot
Andrew Nicholson
Eva Atkinson
Betty Atkinson, Mam
Gordon Atkinson, Dad
Eileen Jordan, Good friend
Jack Atkinson
Susan Atkinson
David & Jennie Tinning, Love Brenda & Jean
Kerry Sutherland, Love Dad & Jean
Lilian Davidson, Lawrence Davidson & Ben Baird McAdam
Joan McBride
Joan McBride
My husband Andrew loved and missed always and forever
Bob & Ida Barker
Jimmy & Edna Binks
Linda Thorburn
Jim & Marjorie Pallister
Isabel Barlow
Tommy Barlow
Joe Barlow
Robert and Jean Percival
Caroline Thomas
Breda Thomas
Frank Thomas
Joe Thomas
Kevin Holmes
My dear husband and all my late friends
Peace to the planet
In memory of my brother Michael
Allan Beattie
The Beattie and Glaister Families
James A Bendall
John A M Mawson
David H Beattie
Jack, Florence & Brian Parsons
My Husband, Gerald Beck
My Mum & Dad, Mary and Tom Dunn
Sister & Brother-in-law, Irene & Tom Jackson
John Bell
Elizabeth Bell
Florrie Moore
Lucy McKenzie
Nancy Margaret Bell
Ann Bell
Alice & Jimmy Bell
Margaret Watson
John Watson
Kath & Bill Foster
Mams & Dads
Sister, Nora
Brothers, Rob and Keith
My Dearest Husband Miles
My Dear Daughter Sylvia & Her Husband Graham Green
My dear parents, Isaac & Margaret Harrison - never forgotten
My dear friends Nora, Irene, Elsie, Gladys, Ted & Reggie
Ian Birkett
Margaret Bell
Ada Dixon
Arthur Dixon
Marjorie Bland
Norman Bland
Rosemary Boileau
Rio Johnston
Mark Bird
Peggy Bird
Bill Bowe
Molly Bowe
Michelle Foster
Douglas Boynton
Margaret Dodd
Thomas Dodd
James Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
Bill Brain
Alice Richardson
John Richardson
Ann Davidson
Mam, Dad & Lisa - thinking of you with love
Trudy Routledge
Patricia Brown
Derek Hamilton a loving husband and dad
Trudy Brown.  Loving Wife & Mother
Tom Cameron, Irene Cameron & Avril Cameron
My beloved husband, Allan Brown
Mum and Dad (May and Bert)
Dad (Raymond)
Kathleen Johnston
Jim Johnston
Eunice Darling
Vera & Eric Watson
Connie Houliston
Jean & Mae MacLean
Rae Hampson
Edith Kerr
Rev. Patricia J Irwin
Robert Buntin
Ashley Liam Bryant
Our Parents
Donnie & Eileen Bulman, always in our thoughts
Bill & Ethel Richardson, miss you loads
Lizzie Telford
Nellie Richardson
Auntie Sylvia
Arnold Morton, a much loved Dad
Mam and Dad
Billy Burns
William ‘Billy’ Burns
Joan Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Frank Thompson
Bob Thompson
My Dear Husband, John
Our loving friends, Georgie and Richard
Peter Burrell
Joyce Martin
Gordon Peter Bush
My dear husband, Bill
My brother, Ken
John Anthony Butler
Family & Friends no longer with us, remembering them always x
Eric Byers - Father
Esther Arnold - M. Grandmother
Sarah Byers - P. Grandmother
Walter John Arnold - M. Grandfather
Alice Byers - Mother who died in the Hospice 14/11/1992
Marjorie & George Bonner,Linda Bonner, John & Isa Byers, Bessie Scott
John Byers (Brother)
My husband, Graham Byers
James (Jim) Byers
Ann Reid
Liz Sweeney
Nevil Calway
My dear Mum & Dad, miss you both so much
Donald Campbell
Peter Campbell
Philip Campbell
Keith Young
Margaret Young
Dad, Hubert Barnes
Mam, Annie Barnes
Brother, Derek Barnes
Iris Cromie
Albert Cromie
Sally Carr
Charlie Carr
Robert Emmerson
Michael Ward
Evan Cromie
James McDonald
In memory of the people we love in heaven. Celebrating family.
Jill Carruthers
Isabel, John and Henry Kendall
William Carruthers
Doreen Marrs
In loving memory of Andrew and Maureen Graham. Always missed, loved forever xx
Jim Willis
Mike Carruthers
Mary Carruthers
Jack Carruthers
Chris Barlow
Peggy Carruthers
Marjorie Willis
John, my darling husband
Mam and Dad
Jack and Neville
Little Frobo
Little Bella
Marjorie Follows
Alec Cavanagh
Agnes Cavanagh
Ron Cavanagh
Gerty Copeman
Remembering our dearly missed parents Eileen and Harold Ling and remembering Aunts and Uncles
William Chisholm
Wendy Popham
Marian Teasdale
My mum Mary Burne who is missed so much
Mike and Liz Clarke
Garry Close
Betty Bragg
Lilian Mumberson
Bob Mumberson
James Stirling Cochrane
Arthur Cocker
Allan College
Steven Huggon
My darling husband, Edward
My dearest mum, Muriel
Jean Cookson
Rowena Barbara Copeland
Arthur Corbishley
John Corrieri
Gilbert Sloan
Margaret Green
Lily Lister
Betty Brown
June Wallace
Nellie Sewell
Eddie Sewell
Margaret Gate
Mary Gate
My Lovely Daughter, Susan
Leo’s Mother, Cheryl
A very special Grandson, Leo
Rebecca Ellen Coyles
Mary Ann Margaret Cross
Veronica (My Special Sister)
Mam & Dad Armstrong
Mum & Dad Cumming
Keith Curle, my beloved husband
Henry “Harry” Evans
Linda - a “light” missing from our life
Forever in our hearts. Our darling mam and dad, Feroz & Jen
Eunice Darling
Andrew Davidson (Father)
Jamesina Davidson (Mother)
John Davidson (Shanks) (Brother)
David Bell, Grandfather
Lily Bell, Grandmother
Margaret Reeves
Ian Reeves
Keith Appleyard
Rodney Kimber
Donald Stephenson
Matthew Davies
Hilda Tarn
Timothy Tarn
Anne Griffin
Betty Franklin
Sheila and Tom Dent
Our Dear Mum and Dad
Tom & Ella Denwood
Mary, Margaret and Frances
Sid Devine, my loving husband, and sons Garry, Neil and Simon
Tracy Louise
Very best wishes for all your hard work on Light Up a Life
My late wife, Susan Dickinson
Alan James Dickinson
Robert Wilkinson
Jean Wilkinson
David Robert Dickinson
Mam & Dad with love
Michael Dixon
Mr Robert Nicholson
Think of you everyday my precious dad, you had that lovely smile i think of that in my time of sadness. I have lots of lovely memories,
Elizabeth Jones - my best Pal
Sally & Norman Dodds
Linda Forest
Olive Barnes
Robert Barnes
George Donaldson
Margaret Milne
Jean Carruthers (nee Smith), And her grandson Christian Alan Doran
Julie Telford
Martha McGuinness
Baby Christian Doran
Frances Smith
My husband, Ian
Our parents, John and Val, forever remembered, forever loved.
Ian’s parents, Walter & Joyce
Trudy Jansen
Effie Douthwaite
My parents and brother (Appleyard)
My in-laws (Downey)
George Doyle
Nancy Birrell, Mam & Dad, Sisters, Friends & Cousins
George and Peggy Dudson
Jean and Ron Forrester
Jan Forrester
Keith Forrester
Brian Duffell
Richard Dufton
Olivia Chittock
My darling husband, William
Our dear daughter-in-law, Karen
In memory of my much loved and wonderful daughter, Isobel, who died 11th January 1994, aged 34 years
Margaret & Stan Majewski
Jimmy Earl
William Eccles
Dear friend, June
Mavis Edmondson
Eric Edmondson
Ramsey Little
Olive Little
Thomas Edmondson
Evelyn Edmondson
Hilary Cowen
Ron Brooks
Kevin Elliott
Harold R Elliott
Pete English, my precious husband
My husband, Jack
My son, Paul
My mother, Hilda
Brenda Whittaker
Stan & Sarah Horsley
David Evans
Bet Dodd
Tom Evans
T F Evans
Jim Thresh
Gwen Thresh
Fred Dodd
Ethel Evans
Rebecca Evans
Ada and Jackie Thornborrow, our mam and dad loved and never forgotton by your loving family xxx
Joan Lamport
Donna Thornborrow
Hilda & Ralph Farish
Gordon, Irene, Pauline and Muriel
Sandra Beattie
In memory of Elsie, a dearly loved Mam, Nana & Great Nana
Albert Banton, Josephine Banton
Josephine Banton
Jim Banton
David Banton
Bernard Feeney
Marie Feeney
Stanley, my much-loved husband
Much missed daughter, Nicola Ann Dodd
Mam & dad, Jeanette & Phil Martin
Dear friend, Christine Watson
Dear friend, Cecelia
Sandra Moore
George Moore
Jimmy Hutchinson
Gladys Hutchinson
Bob Finlayson
Stuart Anthony Finlayson
Iris & Doug  Kirby
Louelta & Billy Fitton
John Flitcroft
mum, dad, brother, twin, great grandchildren, Noah and my beloved husband Alan
My Darling Mother, Ellen Thompson
Dear Father in Law, George Foster
Dear Mother in Law, Mary Foster
Sydney and Margaret Bushman
Helen Atherton
Brian Furness
Lavinia (Vinnie) Paterson - mother, nanna, great nanna
My loving husband Brian Gaughy
his parents, Nora and Joe

My parents Margaret and Stan Dewhurst
and grandma Elsie Green
Margaret & Joe Gibson - at peace together
Mum and Dad
Aunt and Uncle
Mother-in-law and Father-in-law
Brian Nicholls, Dad. Catherine (kitty) and Willie Slater, Grandparents
Linda Acton
Sam Gibson
Jill Moore
Leslie Norton
Esther Norton
Eric Gilbert
Connie Gilbert
Jill Moore
Leslie Norton
Esther Norton
Eric Gilbert
Connie Gilbert
Light up a Light
Lynne Murphy
Joe Park
Elaine Leeson
Neil Henry
My Darling Husband, Eric
Allan Henderson
Jock Glendinning
Mary Glendinning
Wilfred Winthrop
Elizabeth Winthrop
Mrs Jean Sproat
Pearl Graham, Mam
Thomas Graham, Dad
Verina Nixon, Sister
Joyce Thomson, Sister
Thomas Graham, Brother
Mary Graham, Sister in Law
Zelda Graham, Sister
Patricia Mary Graham, a dearly loved wife and mother
Kevin Michael Graham a beloved Son
James Graham
Paul Graham
Eleanor Graham
Beryl Turnbull
Marjorie Graham
Joseph Graham Husband
Syd Hill (Friend)
Pat Hunt (Friend)
Joe & Sheila Smith (Brother & Wife)
Betty and Ron Pears
Betty Clapperton
Mary Crow (Friend)
Jimmy & Grace Howcroft - beloved Parents, Oliver Graham - beloved Dad
Margaret & Oliver Graham
John & Joyce Watson
Bill & Nora Graham
Bill & Peggy Scott
Rita Graham
Alan Graham
Pat Byers
Bill & Nora Graham
Bill & Peggy Scott
Rita Graham
Alan Graham
Pat Byers
Elsie Harrison, My Mam
My Dad Gilbert Harrison
My Sister Pat Smith
Allan Graham, My Loving Husband
Tucker and Emily Reay
Gerry and Edna Graham
Ronald (Ronnie) Graham, I love and miss you every day.  Hold my hand Ronnie
Nathan Jake Davidson, Son
Our Special Dog Penny
Kenneth W. Brunning
Mr Richard I Yeardley
Mr Charles & Jean Graham
In loving memory ofKen GrayFreda GrayNigel GrayAvril Barker
George Doyle
Grace Doyle
Ann Stephenson
Alf Stephenson
Adaire Green & Ruth
Bill Gregory (My Husband)
Helen Jones (My Mother)
Robert Jones (My Father)
Billie Hadden. Devoted husband, loved & missed every day
My late husband, Mike Hagan
Light up a life,  in memory of Les and Isabel Harris, Peggy and Len Hall, Linda McManus and Mary Main
Mam and Dad
Auntie Celia
Nana & Grandad
Uncle Geordie
Neighbour Mavis
Ronnie & Joan
Dorothy Beaty - Mum
Mamie & Simpson Hamilton Mum & Dad
My Dear Husband, Cyril
Susan Owens
Frank Harkness
Irene Harkness
Margaret Harrison
George Harrison
In loving memory of Heather Caslin, from the girls xx
Hilda Pearson
Herbert & Ethel Harrison
Norman Taylor
Doris Taylor
Jack Taylor
The Cross Family
The Harryman Family
Harry & Anna Hamer
Harold & Jeannie Haworth
Margaret Payne
Frances Norman
Des Norman
Jean McKay
My husband and soulmate, John Heard
and my family and friends
Doris and Cyril Groom
June Livesey
Nanny and Grandad Groom
Granda Walker
Auntie Elsie
Uncle Bill
Syd & Doris Henderson
Bob & Jean Dowes
Jean Elizabeth Telfer
Margaret, Edwin and George Henderson
Elizabeth, Robert & Joe Haney
My dear husband Neil
Sylvia King
Irene Hernaman
Cathy Hernaman
Ian Hewitson
John Hewitson
Denis Hewitt
Maureen Hodgson
Gordon Hodgson
George Head
Rosalinde Cresswell
Our precious son Allan (Alf)
Our precious son Syephen (Alf)
My Husband, David Hicks
My Father, Alan Cockerell
Dorothy Thorburn - Much Missed Mam
Ruth Woof - Much Missed Auntie
My loving Grandma Ellen Thompson
Mam & Dad, Billy and Audrey Hill
Leslie Hill
Ethel & Leslie Parr
Ethel & Joseph Hill
Olivia Hope
Mary Bennie
Hillary MacDonald
Olive Hillary
Lucy Pritchard
John Brock
Saranne Wilkinson
My Mum, Dad and brothers
Eric Hind (dearly loved husband)
Nancy and Tom Storey, parents
Martha Isobel Sarginson
Bob Hind
Maggie Metcalfe
Tommy Metcalfe
My dear husband, Denis Hinde
My Mum and Dad, Annie & Tommy Little
Daughter-in-law, Jackie Hinde
John Irving (Dad)
Dorothy Irving (Mam)
Peter Hodgson
Hugh Hodgson
Mary Hodgson
My husband, David
My Dad Alex
Friend, Issy
Mam and Dad, Joseph and Nancy Davidson
Husband, Geoff Hodgson
Alan Gledhill (Dad)
Nellie Gledhill (Mam)
Jane Murphy (Auntie Jinny)
Michael Murphy (Dad)
Mary Murphy (Mam)
Gary John Murphy
Seth Barker
Ron Hodgson
Annie Hodgson
Andy Turner
My Dad, Harold Wilkinson
My Mum, Elizabeth Horley
Lavinia Paterson
Tony Hall
Eric Hughes
Gordon Humes
Ernest Armstrong, Elizabeth Armstrong,Jack Humes, Elizabeth Humes
Jack Humes, Elsie Humes
Mary Armstrong
Joyce Mary Hunter
Mike Huntington
My mum, Edith Logue
My friend, Ann Cameron
Thomas Robinson Irving
Margaret Valda Irving
John Irving
Stephen Irving
Dorothy Eileen Iveson
William Moore Iveson
Alan Moore Iveson
Alan Iveson
Joan Iveson
Mam & Dad, John and Anne Lambert
My Father, Robert John Ivison
My Late Wife, Jean Ivison
My Mother, Kathleen Ivison
All our family so sadly missed
In memory of our son, Simon and all of our family that have passed
Peter James
Irene Tinkler
George Tinkler
John Tinkler
Mr Stanley James
Mr Paul James
Mr Bernard Robson
Mum and Dad Jeffery
Mum and Dad Taylor
Our son Matthew born sleeping
Cousin Richard
Oskar our faithful companion
My Beloved Mother, Elizabeth J.Sleight
My Beloved Aunt, Mary Dykes
Terry Butler - my lovely Mummy
Neil Johnston, my loving husband
My mother & father, Jim & Ethel Ellwood
John & Manna Reid (my Parents)
Alf & Jean Johnston (my In-laws)
Garry Chappelow (my Cousin)
Bill & Grandson Callum
Ted Judge
Alan Hurst
Clara & John Bell & Fred Dicker - Mum & Dads Violet & Ted Kelly - Mum & DadAlways in our thoughts
In memory of my darling husband
Jim & Margaret Donaldson
Alec & Muriel Kerr
Audrey Kerr
My wonderful parents and my beloved husband, Fred
John Kirkbride
Yvonne Dewhurst
Alec Dewhurst
Betty Dewhurst
Alan Kitching
Pauline Kukuc
Pauline Kukuc
To my wife, Mary
To my son, Gary
Pauline Kukuc
Gary Laidlow
Mary Laidlow
Elfriede Latcham
In memory ofJohn MeekleyAnne MeekleyNichola StewartRosalind Atkinson
Deborah Launder
Derrick James Leaver
Elaine Laura Leeson, our daughter
Bob & Margaret Leighton
Patrick & Ina Callaghan
Kathleen & Stuart Thorburn
My Mum, Maureen Moore
Willie Lightfoot
Mary Lightfoot
George Armstrong
Frank Armstrong
Maureen Graham
Tom Armstrong
Robert Lightfoot
William Lightfoot
Jean Lightfoot
Joyce Lindsley
Cyril Little
Kathleen Little
Colin Pilmer
John Little
Keith Howlette
Mary & Billy Haughan
Stan Mattinson
Vilma Lockwood
Chris Mattinson
Tony Walker
Alan Panter
Karen Logan
Ronald Logan
Carole Anne Lomax
Jean Webster
Syd Webster
Jack and May Lord
Isobel Beattie
Madge McGeorge
Evelyn & David Hodgins
Anne Baxter
Philip Longcake
Nan Buckle
Brian Buckle
Ernie Lucas
Ted Lyon
Phyllis Lyon
Joyce Birchall
Tom Birchall
Betty Tickell
Eric Tickell
Michael John MacDowall
Michael Mands
Fiona Mands
Peter Mands
Mary and Bill Mands
Elizabeth and Joseph Pattinson
Joan & Ken Harker, our wonderful mum, dad, nana & grandad
Bobby and Tibby Marshall
My husband Stan Mattinson
Chris Mattinson,My son
Tony Walker - My Son-in-Law
Percy Mawson
Betty Mawson
Edith Turnbull
John Turnbull
Peter Burrell
Peggy Mawson
Jock Mawson
Isobel & Ernie Halliburton
Neil Adair
Spike McCarthy
Callum McCormick
Ken Knight
Ena Knight
Sam McCourt
Maureen McCourt
Minnie Bell (Mum)
Robert Bell (Dad)
Angus Bell (Brother)
Robert Bell (Nephew)
Gwen Robinson (Dear Friend)
Robert Bell (Brother)
James Bell (Brother)
Dorothy and Ray Woodward
Michael McDermott
Stephen McDermott
Frank McDermott
Avin Martin
Gavin Martin
Margaret Martin
Billy Murdock
Mary Murdock
Billy McGuiness, with love always xxx
Mary Alice Armstrong
Norah McHard
Len Sowerby
Gary Sowerby
Winifred Brockbank
Mike Howard
Doreen Howard
Norman Brockbank
My Stepfather, Moses
Our beloved grandchildren,  Nathan & Kaven McKenna
Julie Frances Telford
The Smith Family
The McKie Family
The Farish Family
The Hodgson Family
My dearest wife, Mary McLeod
Grandson, Justin Edward Jones
Mr and Mrs J McMaster
Barbara Baxter
Mr E McVittie
Mrs D Baxter
Mrs P Faulder
Mr W McVittie
Madge Winifred Illingworth
Ian Yates
Rosemary Yates
Brian Menery - dearly loved husband, dad and grandad
Raymond Metcalfe, Charles Carruthers, Jean Carruthers & Doris Cowing
Dot Middleham
My Son Derek
My Husband, Albert
Ernie Miller
William Holliday
Nancy Holliday
Elsie Holliday
Joyce & Syd Mingins
My wife, Carol Minnett
Rena Mitchell and Sheen Mitchell, my wife and daughter
Ken Mitchell
Robin & Mary Cowx
Bill Molyneux
Harry Taylor
Jos Little
Mary Little
Muriel LIttle
Arthur Richardson
My treasured son
Mum & Dad (Margaret & Albert)
Mum & Dad (Gwen & George)
The Walkers
The Bells
Grce and Tant Lightfoot (Mam and Dad)
John Henry Winter
Margaret Young Winter
My Mum and my sister-in-law
My Wife, Frances Mossop
Sarah & Stanley
Susan & Stewart
Our dear mother, Barbara
Loving mam, grandma, grandad, auntie Ethel, uncle Leslie, Dolly & Wilmot
Madge Munro
Paul Temple
Joyce Temple

Husband, Reg Munt
Mam & Dad Scott
Gerald Beck
Elizabeth Harris
Glyn Watkins
Anne Little
Our daughter, Diane Moore
Anne Campbell
Karen, much loved daughter, sister and auntie
Dorothy Nettleton
Walter Nettleton
Leslie Eland
Margaret Eland
Jane, Doreen, Anna and Sandra
Jim and Nan Blaylock
Fred and Ada Nicholl
Willie & Kitty Slater
Brian Nicholls
Ann Palmer
Joe Palmer
Reg Nicholson
Betty Nicholson
James Carswell
Miriam Carswell
Mr J C Jackson
Mrs J Nicholson
Gwen & Charles Rowe
Bill & Sheila Nightingale
Harry Nixon
Peter McGuiness
Frances McGuiness
Eddie McGuiness
Eileen Nixon
Jimmy Nixon
Daniel Nixon, a dearly loved son
Mam ,Dad,Chris,Mac Lawrie, Mam,Dad,Nana Benny,Bobby Noble
Halvor Norendal, Husband
Tanya Norendal, Daughter
My darling husband, Billy
my brother William O’Brien
Reg Munt
Thomas Osborne
Graham Lamb
Alex Pagan
Mr Ben Page
Mary and Jum Holmes
Margaret Glaister
Alan Panter
Mr Robert Oldcorn
Mrs Betty Oldcorn
Roderick Paton
Roderick Paton
My husband, Jim
My Husband David
Pauline Kukuc
Colin Blaylock
Gary Laidlow
Anne Henderson
Dorrie Reed
Gladys Pelter
Leslie Pelter
Mam, Dad and Aunty Maureen
My husband, Bill Percival
My parents, Jack & Evelyn Hind
My husband, John
Debra Jane Pharaoh
Anna Pike
My special husband, Richard Pitt
A special dad, Bill Relph
A much loved mam, Tilly Relph
Granny Jean and Grandpa
Mr John McGahon
Sydney McBride
Margaret Potter
Mary Milne
Our Daughter Heather
My dear wife, Maureen Power
My dear wife, Maureen Power
June My Wife
Alan Purdham
Joe and Elsie Frith
Remembered with love
Ada & John Rae, wonderful parents, miss you every day, love always xxx
Brenda Purvis
Matthew James Purvis
My Mam & now Grandma Julie Little
Eileen Raine
Susan Mary Ralston
Peter Connolly
William Matthew Ramsay
Christine Ramsay
Mary Jane Raphael
Ian Raphael
Margaret Turnbull
My parents, James William and Dorothy Eleanor Troughton
Fondest memories of a very much missed mam and dad,
Alice and Jimmy Vevers.
Treasured memories of a dear uncle, Gordon Read
Cherished memories of Bob Rayson, James Moore
and Denis Hinde, husband, uncle and brother.
Treasured memories of a dear aunt, uncle and cousin,
Hazel, Joe and Carl Steel
Gordon Read, loved and remembered always
Liz Readdie
Ethel Ross
George Reay
Emma Conlan
Isabel Howe (Mam)
William Howe (Dad)
Joan Shearman (Nana)
Paul Reay,a special son always in our thoughts
Mum, Dad & Aunts Jean, Mary & Margaret
George Reynolds So Sadly Missed
Eric Reynolds, Husband
Philip Richards
Jean Richardson (late wife) - Sadly Missed
Elaine Richardson (daughter) - beloved
Valerie Riley
“Jocky” Johnstone
Elsie Johnstone
David John Ritchie
Joan Mitchinson
Harry Teasdale
Albert & Ian Little
Marie Phillips
Teddy & Doris Roberts
Stephen - Nicky Nicholson
My Grandma Cecilia
Mam and Dad
Dearest Husband, Wilson Robinson
Dear Mam & Dad, Albert & Chrissie Wright
Dear Grandaughter Gemma Robinson
Dear Grandaughter Kirsty Ion
Ethel Armstrong
Oswald Watson
Jim my dear husband and soul mate, always in our thoughts Mary
My late parents & brothers
David Robson
Ethel Robson
Jimmy Robson
Arthur Sinclair
Annie Sinclair
Bryan Robson
My dear parents
Eddie Rogan
Bryan Rogers
Joe and Joseph
Lisa Gardiner
Joyce De-Gorgio
Patricia Ann Routledge
John Routledge
Keith Routledge
Cecil Judge
Helen Judge
Edward Judge
Betty Rowell
Thomas Rowell
Doreen F. Lewthwaite
Dorothy Dickson
Madge & George Airey
David Roy
Agnes Waugh
John Waugh
Betty Hodgson
Sandra Purdham
Margot Brown
Hector Brown
Thomas Rumney
Diane Rumney
Dad - Tommy McAvoy
Mam - Jean McAvoy
Niece - Lisa McAvoy
David Rutherford - Love Always Barbara
George Murray
Thomasina Murray
Yasmin B Hall
Amanda J Steele
Ruth Edmondson, a beloved sister and auntie
Cathie & George Rycroft
In love and Memory, Robin Salter
Elsie Dye
Victor Clifton
Brian Clifton
John Clifton
Margaret Parker
Maxine Kirkpatrick
Gary Pemberton
Aran Satterthwaite
Len Saunders
Ann Plant
John Plant
Vera Saxton
Margaret Scott
Carole Douglas
Leonard Scott
Cicelia Scott
Connie Taylor
Freddy Taylor
Deryck Scott
Patricia Scott
Joe Miller & Elizabeth Miller, My Dad & Mum always with me
Agnes & Jack
Julie Anne
Jim & Sylvia
Auntie Margaret, Misty & Lucy
Nat & Flo
Margaret & Gordon
Raymond Seery
Gordon Cranston
Edith Cranston
Violet Evans
Ann & Nicholas Bolton
Sydney & Doris Henderson
Jean Elizabeth Telfer
Bob & Jean Dowes
Jean Sherwen
My Nan
My Gran
My Grandad
My Grandad
Yasmin Rebecca Short
Jackie & Bob Heslop
Dorothy Skinner
Ronnie & Mary Smith loving parents reunited
Arthur & Jean Bassett
Pepsi my precious cat
Chrissie Smith
Conrad Smith
In loving memory of Arthur and Betty Stamper
John William Southam
Eric John Roberts
Parents, Don and Mary Attenborough
Parents, Clarry and Elsie Sowerby
My dearest husband, George
My lovely daughter, Jacqueline
George Elliott
Jean Elliott
Bill & Isabel Stalker
In fond memory of Bill and Isabel Stalker.Forever in our thoughts.
Hazel Steel
Carl Joseph Steel
Joseph Steel
My husband, Ronnie
Roy Peter
Mary Peter
My dear husband, Brian Stoddart - Dad, Grandad, Great Granda
My beautiful nephew, Justin
George Strong
George S Stubberfield
Wilson & Gladys Jefferson
John Trevor Gill
Rose Yates
Beryl Bradford, Mum
James Sutherland, a loving husband and father
John  Cawley
Uncle Chris
Michael Armstrong, Partner
William Barrett
In loving memory of Harry Taylor - an inspiration.
Robbie Wilcock   9/1/66 - 16/8/19
My wife, Sue Crawford
Harry Taylor, a loving husband
Mum, Mrs Olive B Clarke
Sister, Mrs Jenny Scott
Brother, Mr Ian Clarke
Dad, Mr Joe Clarke
Robert, Frances and Marie
Kenneth Swan
Michael John Telford
Ivor and Evelyn Swan
Russell Smith
Angela Strickland
Mary Jackson
Our parents Derek and Dorothy Fraser
Annie Thompson
John and Edith Rushworth
Brian and Connie Thompson
Wendy Coulthard
Mam and Dad Hunt
Mam and Dad Thompson
Mum, Frances
Dad, Joseph
Brother, Ronney
My husband, forever loved and never forgotten
Alfred Todd
Isabell Todd
My beloved mother, Marion Kendall
My beloved husband, Ronnie Handford
My beloved nephew, David Fox
Mary Watson, my beloved sister (2012)
John Todd, my dear husband (1988)
Richard Skelton, my dear partner (28th December 2007)
Jeannie King, my lovely granny (1951)
Jackie Watson from Ken your husband
Brian Watson, my brother-in-law (2013)
Raymond Cracknell, my beloved brother (2014)
Jean Tyckyj, my dearest mother (2014)
Wilfrid Marshall
Phyllis Marshall
My Mam & Dad, Clara & Joseph Graham
Margaret Turnbull
Tony Turnbull
Joe & Jane Brayton
Cliff & Camilla Turnbull
Muriel & John Montgomery
Ashley Turner
Jeanie Rumney
Len Rumney
Brian Rumney
Mary Burne, much loved mother and devoted grandmother
Love and memories to the Underwood family
Mam & Dad
A Dear Friend, Ken
My Sister, Celia
Loving brother, Geordie
Chris Ritchie
Thelma & David Chambers
Lynn Caslin
Baby Melanie Waitt
My fiance , Jimmy White
Tony Walker (Husband)
Stan Mattinson (Dad)
Sylvia Margaret Coupland
Marjorie Wallace
Raymond Walton (Husband)
Christine Brown (Daughter)
Julie (Daughter)
Adam (Son-In-Law)
Margaret Athey (Friend)
George Glendinning (Friend)
George & Altea Johnstone
Annunziata & Vincenzo Cecchini
Mary & Joseph Johnstone
My dear father, Edward Warwick
My dear mother, Betty Warwick
My dearly loved wife, Barbara Watson
My Mum, Cissie Blacklock
My Dad, Johnnie Blacklock
My Daughter, Jennifer Jackson
My Grandson Alex Jackson
My Friend Alice
My Friend Edna Anderson
Herbert & Marjorie Watson
Thomas & Evelyn Edmondson
Jean Kerr
Mark Dorosh
Elaine Morewood
Ray Irving
Leeanne Cheng
Doris Tuck
Parents Grace + Arthur Shirt
Christine Kinnear
My beloved Jacqui B, always in my thoughts
Our dear son, Ian, missed and loved always
Joyce Morrine
William Morrine
David Morrine
Joyce & William McMorrine
David McMorrine
William, Sarah & Kenneth Davidson
Colin West
James Westfall
Mam, Dad and Neil McAllister
Eileen White
Janette Cattan
John Quinn
Margaret (Peggy) White
teresa White Barson
Harry White
Jo Jackson
Brenda Whittaker
James Holmes
Mary Holmes
Margaret Glaister
Bob Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
My Mum
My son, Jared Willoughby
Agnes Jane Foster (Nancy)
June Sonia Wilson
Robert Moir Wilson
Frank Welsh
Isabel Joan Atkinson
Alan Hoyle
Alan Wilson
Pam Hannah
Baldwin Wilson
Marian Wilson
Patricia Judith Wilson
Billy Haddon
Adrian Wilson
Billy Wilson
Oliver Wilson (Husband)
Sarah Moore (Granddaughter)
John Winder
William Winder
Jane Winder
Paul, Kath, and Stan Binnie
Irene & John Winthrop
Derick Wiser, forever in our thoughts, with love from all your family
George Holland
Alex Wood
Jane Wood
My Mother and My Father
Joyce Laidlow
Sheila Moffat
Rhoda Thompson
Arthur Thompson
Joe Wood
William & Kathleen Mitchinson - dear parents