This weekend protestors gathered in Workington town centre to voice their concerns after a tweet by the region's MP caused controversy.

A group of activists claimed a tweet by Mark Jenkinson MP was offensive to the transgender community.

The tweet involved Mr Jenkinson sharing his thoughts on a new emoji depicting a non gendered pregnant person.

Mr Jenkinson has denied the tweets were transphobic and said of today's protest: "I think anything that encourages participation in democracy is fantastic and I look forward to seeing the handful of people who turned out. I noticed that Copeland Labour were involved and I hope that the other people who take part will put themselves forward for election."

Mr Jenkinson also took to social media to encourage people to get involved with the protest.

We also spoke to those involved to hear their thoughts on the matter and their reasoning for demonstrating.

Asa Pegler, a 17 year old transgender rights activist from Cockermouth, said: "We're here today to say that not everyone in Cumbria agrees with you and that we won't stand for MPs like you."

Asa highlighted Mr Jenkinson's tweets as a reason for the protest going ahead. They were also concerned that hate crimes are becoming problematic in Cumbria particularly towards transgender people.

Asa has formed the group Cumbria United in recent months to spread their message against 'transphobia' within the community.

In November 2021 Asa published a number of Tik Tok videos voicing their concern against the views expressed by Mr Jenkinson.

He has previously denied all allegations that his views are 'transphobic' and has instead said that they are 'gender critical.'

Mr Jenkinson stated recently: "Trans men aren't men, and trans women aren't women, sex is something we cannot change, that is the scientific view, and there is no need to educate myself on any view. It's not just the view of me and my constituents. All I've ever said or done is point out the difference between gender and sex."