THE country’s premier Foo Fighters tribute act will kick off their new UK tour in Carlisle in March.

UK Foo Fighters have performed songs from the Dave Grohl-fronted band for nearly 15 years. They begin their ‘No Son of Mine’ tour at the Old Fire Station on Saturday 12.

Discussing the act, lead singer Jay Apperley said: “Some say we are the closest act to the Foos. I think over time we have refined our sound, setlists and stage presence. I see our show as a celebration of Foo Fighters music, a coming together of fans.

"Our goal is to give people a live Foo Fighters experience. Back-to-back hits, stadium anthems, deep cuts and more. We’re pretty much non-stop from start to finish for over two hours. That’s rock’n’roll and we like it!”

The rock icons released their tenth studio album ‘Medicine at Midnight’ last year. Discussing the release and how he will embed the new tracks in the setlist, Jay continued: “It’s always exciting and challenging to get stuck in to learning new material.

"Although we’ve learned a bunch of songs off the new album, we’re conscious that our audiences in general are not as close to the newer material.

"We’re playing these new songs live in the UK before the Foos are. There’s a fine line between self-indulgence and satisfying the audience when it comes to writing setlists.”

Jay got to live out a fantasy in 2014 when he sang ‘White Limo’ with the Foo Fighters at a warm-up show before their headline performance at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games.

Recalling the event, Jay shared: “Aside from becoming a father, it’s the best three and a half minutes of my life! Seriously, it was a dream that came true.

"Although it happened over seven years ago, to this day there isn’t a month that doesn’t pass without that night being mentioned or recalled. On stage after we finished the song, Dave said, “can we do that every night?” I think he really enjoyed the experience and the vacation off the mic but I’m still waiting for the call!”