BEAUTY treatments and augmentations are on the rise, with an alarming amount of teens claiming that having lip filler is ‘no difference from getting a haircut’, according to a poll from Vice UK.

At one point, going under the knife and undergoing facial augmentations were reserved for the rich and famous, but now they are more freely available to the public, with many young people looking to achieve the 'Instagram look'.

Last year, over 2.6 million people took the plunge and had their lips injected, and 31 percent of the population getting Botox, with ‘Botox Parties’ now on the rise.

In Carlisle, one of the most popular clinics, MI aesthetics, is owned by Mandy Irving. She said: "Botox is by far the most popular procedure, with over 300 people coming to me every year for the treatment.

"It’s very closely followed by lip injections with also around 300 procedures provided.

"I’m a registered nurse so I have lots of different offers such as, chemical peels, weight loss injections, and injections that suppresses your appetite, so you don’t get hungry.

"The youngest woman who’s had that injection was around 20 years old."

Salon owner and aesthetic practitioner, Vanessa, of Skin Deep, is registered with environmental health. The beauty clinic has been open since 2008, and she said the most popular procedure is dermal fillers for anti-aging lines among older clients who are looking for 'a more subtle look'.

'Russian lips' are also extremely popular, followed by a fairly new procedure called the ‘non surgical face lift’ which is growing in demand, despite the recovery time taking weeks to see the final results.

A representativge of Skin Deep said: "If you’re going to get a procedure, always get a free consultation, and always get a free medical review to make sure your suitable for procedure.

"Ensure that everything injected is prescription only grade. Go to a professional clinic and not somebody’s house or Botox parties, as you can’t be sure what you’ll be injected with."

Practitioners have stated that the most popular beauty augmentation in Carlisle is botox, closely followed by lip fillers, with teens and early twenties making up a large percentage of clients.