A church is debuting a new style of service.

The new service is called 30 Minute Church, and is exactly what it says on the tin.

The service will debut tonight at 6:00pm in St Mary's Church in Maryport, which is currently being run by Richard Pratt, the Archdeacon of West Cumberland.

He said of the service launch: "We open the doors at 5:30pm, and there will be cups of tea available.

"It is not a full communion service, but if you think of all of the different parts of a traditional service, such as prayers, songs, the Lord's Prayer, etcetera, we certainly will not dally with all of this.

"It is aimed at people who are not used to coming to church.

"It is going to include very active involvement.

"Where church is normally an hour long, it is seen as boring sometimes, when you're sitting in a pew, looking ahead, being spoken at but not speaking, this service will be active rather than passive.

"It is for people who would like to be interested in going to church."

The Archdeacon welcomes anyone and everyone to come, and if anyone would like more information about the 30 minute church, he invites people to call him directly at 07788728508.