Areas around the UK will face localised blizzard conditions and up to 80mph winds.

This replaces seasonal highs that have been lingering for several days.

The Met Office has said Tuesday, January 4 will be “noticeably colder across the whole country”, with temperatures peaking at 8C or 9C in the south and about 4C or 5C in Scotland.

In England, this could bring snow over the Pennines and North York moors, but it will be “pretty wet stuff”, forecaster Simon Partridge said.

When will it snow in Cumbria?

There is currently a yellow warning for ice across Cumbria. This warning is due to be in place between the hours of 2am-11am on Tuesday, January 4.

After warm winds coming from the mid-Atlantic created warmer than normal temperatures across the festive period, this week Cumbria is set to see temperatures drop significantly, with lows of -4 to be seen on Wednesday, January 5.

The Met Office has said this week there could be “wintry flurries” across the north west, with frost developing in sheltered areas.

BBC Weather also forecasts wintery showers across Cumbria on Thursday and Friday.

Snow or not, temperatures are expected to remain low, so be sure to wrap up warm when heading out this week.

The UK Health Security Agency has urged people to check on vulnerable people in the coming days as the temperature drops.