HOPEFULLY, the government’s ‘levelling up’ plans (John Stevenson’s column, The Cumberland News, November 19) will include measures to give England the same status within the UK that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland enjoy.

The ‘English Votes for English Laws’ legislation introduced by David Cameron was abolished in July but it is reported that the government has been considering proposals made by the Constitution Reform Group, proposals that would see the House of Lords scrapped, a new system of governance for England and the negotiation of a new partnership between the four parts of the UK.

Any chance of change is remote, however, as – in the hope of keeping Scotland onside – the government appears to favour the same, somewhat laboured, promotion of status quo ‘Britishness’ as that employed by Gordon Brown.

To my mind, ‘Britain’ died with devolution. And just how Boris Johnson’s incongruous appearances North of the border – lacking only a horse and wig to complete the appearance of a Duke of Cumberland tribute act – is going to win over the Scots, is beyond me.

Robert Bone,