PLANNING permission has been requested in outline for two dwellings in Silloth.

Allerdale Borough Council has received a request for outline planning permission relating to plans for two single storey dwellings at Causewayhead.

An outline planning permission application reveals the basic detail initially before a more detailed submission is considered on its own merits.

The application has been submitted by Mark Orchard of West Silloth Motors and is being handled by Summit Town Planning as the agent.

In his Planning Statement, Mr Orchard said: “The site is well contained within the landscape with mature landscaping to the boundaries which would be retained and strengthened as necessary.

“The land is relatively flat with no topographical challenges.”

The applicant has demonstrated in their Planning Statement that plans have been drawn up in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework and the Allerdale Local Plan.

Sustainable developments according to the national planning framework, involves three dimensions: social, economic and environmental.

Playing an economic role is defined as contributing to building a strong, responsive and competitive economy.

A social role involves supporting strong, vibrant and healthy communities by providing a supply of housing which is required to meet the needs of present and future generations.

For a sustainable development to play an environmental role it needs to contribute to the protection of the natural, built and historic environment.

The Planning Appraisal in documents prepared for the panel states: “The trees which are situated to the periphery of the site will be retained as far as possible and a new planting feature will be created to the boundary to the wider field system which will increase biodiversity on the site.

“The site has been generally left untended and become full of weeds, it would be cleared and native species used in any landscaping.”

There are a range of development types in the immediate vicinity but there is no planning history on the land.

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