News and Star readers have reacted to proposal to give residents more say on how their council tax is spent on.

The proposal is set to be discussed in a Penrith Town Council Meeting on November 29th, with a call for more public participation in the budget.

Councillor for Penrith West, Jonathan Davies will propose a change to how the town council operates at the meeting, calling for more public participation in the budget.

Here's what you had to say.

Stephen Haraldsen said: "That's what people elect Councillors for every four years, to take decisions on their behalf.

"People do elect representatives to take decisions. Consultations can be useful, as information for decision makers. You're proposing wasting £10,000 pounds of a town council's limited money that could definitely be better spent.

"As to LGR, there was no need for more talk after 20 years or more of that issue going around and around. It just comes across as if you can't find the fortitude to take decisions, but just want to talk and talk.

Johnathon Davies said: "PB is working well across the UK and around the world and has for over 30 years.

In fact it was seen as a beneficial part of localism by 2 governments including a conservative government in the last decade.

"Allowing the community to make decisions is never a waste."

If voted in, the motion would "give the citizens of Penrith a more empowered say in how and on what public money is spent in Penrith through their direct participation in the decision-making process."

The Community Participatory Budget, if approved, would be brought in for the 2022/2023 financial year with an initial £10,000 allocation from the Corporate Budget.

Councillor Jackson is concerned that the motion could frustrate the process. He added: "It's going to take a lot of work to create a system that satisfies all the rules and regulations that a town council has to adhere to on spending money.

"When it comes to devolving that power to the people, I'm yet to be convinced that the processes are thorough enough to [ensure] value for money."