TWO creatives from Carlisle have come together to create a new children's book based in the Lake District about a father's desire for owning items that fold.

The Folding Man is written by Vincent Walden with illustrations by Emily Ford.

Based on Vincent's father Mike, the book follows his 'blissful ignorance' as his family find themselves in great peril from his folding obsession.

From a tandem to a spade, this story, based on true events, highlights a much-loved quirk, brightly illustrated on paper.

Discussing the book, Vincent said: “It was a project that I thought of as my dad had an obsession with things that could fold, and I wanted to write a book commemorating this obscure desire he had for things that fold.

"He’s got a folding guitar, a folding spade, a campervan that’s like a folding car.

News and Star: DURABLE: Vincent used Risograph to ensure all copies are sustainableDURABLE: Vincent used Risograph to ensure all copies are sustainable

“I wanted to give him a book to add to his collection but as I continued to write it, I felt that I really enjoyed the story and thought others may too, so I decided to self-publish it.”

When asked why the story is based in the Lake District, Vincent answered: “I’m originally from Morecambe but my family have always been around the Lake District.

"We used to spend nearly every weekend growing up around the Lakes and the area always reminds me of my dad.

"On the last page which is a fold-put poster, it’s an image that resembles my dad at Hay Stacks, which is a fell that he used to visit with my grandad.”

News and Star: SPREAD: The book has a poster that can be folded, much to the character's likingSPREAD: The book has a poster that can be folded, much to the character's liking

Discussing what readers will take away from the book, Vincent continued: “One of the first things that people will take away is that it is a little bit different from other books. I wanted to make it affordable for early readers and bright and exciting.

"I used a process called Risograph, which uses soy-based ink, making the book as sustainable as possible.

“I also wanted to make it quite whimsical; a trait that not many people may find desirable but its something that my family loves. I think people will find it a silly and fun take on the everyday father.”

The book costs £3 and is available through both Vincent and Emily’s online stores as well as being stocked in Bookends in both Carlisle and Keswick.