PROPOSALS for camping pods at a farm in Dalston are set to be considered by the city council.

An application for planning permission has been submitted to Carlisle City Council for six holiday camping pods at Moss End Farm.

Mr and Mrs Digedan have submitted the application which, if approve would involve the change of use of agricultural land.

The plans will revitalise a section of Moss End Farm.

In their Design and Access Statement, the applicants said: “Moss End Farm has declined in operations recently and diversity of land use, providing this is within reasonable limits, is the only way the complex of building can manage to sustain independence.”

It is not expected that changes will be made to any public highways.

They said: “The pods will be sited well away from the public road and behind a collection of farmhouse and barn / outbuildings, but facing an open field view to the south.”

The planning application has been put together with the National Planning Policy Framework in mind.

They said: “The NPPF, is a major determining factor in considering Planning Applications and it encourages diversity, particularly in farm settings. Most pod submissions rely upon the NPPF to assist in development and diversity as a means of sustaining outbuildings and farm complexes.

“Moss End Farm is no exception and as the site is on a well used tourist route to and from the Lake District, the current upgraded status of the Lakes to a World Heritage Site means that outlying land and farm holdings can benefit from the status more than the land within.”

The public can view and comment on all planning applications submitted to the city council for approval.