BRITAIN'S first transgender newsreader has claimed that she is going to stand against Mark Jenkinson in the next general election.

India Willoughby, from Carlisle, challenged the MP for Workington on Twitter about his self-described 'gender critical' views.

Those with gender critical beliefs argue that a person's sex is biological and cannot be changed.

India was Britain's first transgender national television newsreader on Channel 5 and the first transgender co-host of an all-women talk show Loose Women on ITV.

She also previously worked for ITV Border and GB News.

She was responding to a thread of Mark Jenkinson's tweets which said: "I’m told that some local group is counting my gender-critical tweets and trying to make out they’re homophobic and transphobic.

"If they want to contact me directly - as they haven’t once - I can arrange to send a copy of the brilliant [Helen Joyce's book, Trans].

"I will continue to stand up for the hard-won rights of women and the LGB community.

"It’s not heterosexual men that suffer when we erase the notion of biological sex, but women and those that are same-sex attracted."

India Willoughby responded: "I’m going to stand against you at the next General Election."

In response to India's claims, Mr Jenkinson replied: "Look forward to it! More should put a ballot paper where their mouth is."