A WORKINGTON homecare provider says its on a mission to go green as demand for its services continues to rise and the desire for companies to be greener has never been greater.

Bellcare, provides domiciliary care to over 250 clients in their own homes.

The company has embarked on what they are calling a ‘wonderfully’ green future that begins with the rollout of hundreds of devices, linked to a state-of-the-art piece of software, which is new to the care sector.

Managing director, Carol Wilson said: “This rollout comes as we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We found that we were printing excessive amounts of paper, documents which were of great importance but just at a very large volume, and so we thought there must be an alternative to this.

“All of our employees have now been supplied with smartphones with the software installed for them to electronically ‘log in and log out’ of calls. They can also alert the office of any concerns regarding a client using the ACP (Access Care Planning) integration.

"All key service areas have been issued with electronic tablets (seven in total), which enables the managers to create care plans and fill out a multitude of forms online, which then is automatically saved to the client’s information/profile – like when you go to see your GP.

"Not only will this be useful for us internally, but it also allows the service users themselves and their families to check in on what’s going on, key messages and general updates.”

“Due to the nature of our work, keeping client’s information confidential and safe is paramount but also making sure important updates and information is relayed back to the team and their family, this new addition ensures we can do both safely and very efficiently, so this really is a great addition for us.”

Carol added: “I have looked at this for several years and it has taken a long time to determine what provider to use and it will take quite a while to have a fully paperless, digitally integrated system, but that is our goal, on our journey to a wonderfully green future.”