Just when you think fairy tales end in perfect harmony, one West Cumbrian school is set to show that they don’t always finish well.

St Bees School will host a murder mystery night on Friday December 10, where guests can enjoy an evening of entertainment as they discover who has murdered a much-loved fairy tale character.

Entitled ‘Happily Never After’, attendees will discover that the story about Cinderella may not be a closed book. The girl, who wished to go to the royal ball and after her magical fairy Godmother cast a spell, she soon met her handsome prince and lived happily ever after... at least that’s how everyone thinks the story goes.

In fact, the enchanted land of Pantomime is a far darker realm than anyone would believe. When the Fairy Godmother is found with her throat cut - apparently slashed with a glass slipper - it seems a fairytale killer might well be on the loose and anyone in Pantoland could be a suspect!

Tickets are still available for the event, with individual tickets costing £30 and a table of 10 costing £270. Scheduled to run from 7pm – 10:30pm, more information can be found on www.schoolactivity.co.uk.