READERS have been sharing their views after the demolition of a council building started.

The Octagon building, which is part of the Civic Centre - used by Carlisle City Council - is in the process of being demolished.

Plans to demolish the rotunda, which were approved in 2019, are part of the wider project to redevelop the Civic Centre.

Revised plans that were considered at the time of the planning application for the redevelopment included the creation of a civic square and an area to display public art where the rotunda currently stands.

The redeveloped area will include the planting of evergreens and hedges and additional parking.

News & Star readers have taken to the publication's Facebook page to share their views on the demolition.

Paul Earnshaw said that he would be sad to see it go.

He said: "I love the brutalist architecture of the civic centre and the Octagon was the best part.

"To think its been levelled to become a car park is pretty sad."

John Welsh agreed: "For me the Octagon was an important part of the Civic Centre. Without it there will just be a square box."

Phil Rickerby was worried that the demolition could lead to further buildings being brought down.

He said: "What's next? The castle? The cathedral?

"They want to demolish everything. There will be no old buildings left in Carlisle shortly."

Kenneth Burt had a similar point of view.

He said: "Carlisle building landmark has gone! Very few left!"

Others were happy to see the building demolished.

Dunc Souter said: "Everyone hated it now they're in love with the architectural marvel haha."

Angela O'Brien added: "The whole lot needs to come down, never liked it."

Ian Green agreed: "Carlisle's worst eyesore wouldn't have got planning permission if it didn't grant it to itself."

Paul Birks had some interesting analysis.

He said: "The Brutalistic square building with its Octagon was meant to mirror the castle keep and a stylised Bastion.

"However I appreciated the original intent, and the awards it won; it is a bit like a 70s Wombles track.

"Definitely not stood the test of time except in a sad faux sentimental kind of way."