Firefighters were called to action after a house fire engulfed a kitchen.

Crews from Carlisle East and Carlisle West stations responded just after last night.

It happened at Mary Hannah Cottages, off Kingmoor Road, Carlisle.

A spokesman for the stations said: "Crews discovered a well developed fire in the kitchen of a terraced bungalow.

"Two breathing apparatus wearers extinguished the fire using a hosereel jet, a thermal imaging camera and a positive pressure ventilation fan to help clear the smoke.

"Fortunately everyone was out of the property on arrival, however one occupant was checked over by the North West Ambulance Service, due to smoke inhalation.

"The occupants of the property were alerted to the blaze because they had working smoke detection, once again proving the value of these life saving devices.

"Give us a call if you live in the Carlisle area, and your smoke alarms aren’t working, or you don’t have any- we can fit them for free."