A disabled Carlisle rescue dog has won a spot in a global pet calendar.

Danny, who was only a few months old when he was hit by a car in Romania and started a journey which brought him to Cumbria, triumphed in the contest to earn his place in the 2022 calendar released by Walkin’ Pets, a supplier of wheelchairs for pets.

This year’s contest – the seventh in the annual series – featured entries from 29 different countries and features pets from around the world using their wheelchair and helps to raise pet mobility awareness.

Danny was rescued from the side of the road and helped to recover for two months by a vet before, needing specialist treatment, he was brought to Miracles Mission in Carlisle.

He now lives with Miracles Mission founder Victoria Bryceson, who said he was ‘the most energetic and excitable puppy ever.”

She added: "Literally nothing holds him back.

“Danny absolutely adores his wheels.

“He is so full of energy and so fast that these allow him to race around like a normal puppy.”

Victoria is hoping that Danny will inspire others to adopt special needs dogs.

“Special needs pets are the best pets you could ever hope for,” she said.

“The love and care that they give back to you is indescribable.

“They know that they need that little bit of extra care and that you give it to them and the bond that they form with you is so strong, it is truly a beautiful feeling.

“They don’t want you to feel sorry for them and stop them from doing things, they just want to join in with everyone else as to them they don’t see themselves as being any different.”