PENRITH and The Borders MP, Neil Hudson has written to top Government officials appealing for swift action on the crisis in the pig farming sector.

Pig farmers, says the National Farmers Union (NFU) are facing a “human disaster” due to a shortage of abattoir workers. Farmers are already having to destroy healthy pigs due to a backlog on farms, the union said.

And according to the National Pig Association, time is running out for the UK pig sector.

Dr Hudson said: “As a veterinary surgeon during the Foot and Mouth crisis, I supervised the culling of many animals on farm for disposal and thus which were not going into the food supply chain. I know first-hand how distressing this is for farmers, vets and slaughter workers alike. We must avoid this at all costs for animal and human welfare reasons and also to avoid significant and senseless waste of good quality food.

Dr Hudson added he had written to the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and the DEFRA Secretary. “I am urging the Government to act swiftly across Government to prevent this disaster unfolding, and am urging the Home Office and DEFRA to work closely together to take measures to allow sufficient meat processing and related workers into the sector by amending visa requirements and English Language Requirements.

“On the Commons EFRA Committee in our most recent report, ‘Movement of Animals Across Borders’, we identified the importance of monitoring and maintaining UK veterinary capacity which currently is below what we need as a country. In addition we highlighted the importance of supporting and bolstering the abattoir network in the UK which is under strain and vital for our national food security.”