COMEDY legend and 'randomist' Ross Noble will arrive in Carlisle next month with his new show, Humournoid.

The Northumberland-raised comedian will take to the Sands Centre stage on Wednesday, November 3.

Discussing the premise of the show, Noble said: “People used to say, ‘What’s your show about?’ And it’s only in the past few months that I’ve realised it’s basically an invitation to see the world through my eyes. It took me years to realise that. I always thought ‘My shows aren’t really about anything’ but they sort of are. They’re about what I think about things.”

This might account for why Noble has called his new show Humournoid. He began thinking of himself as “a comedy version of an android… like some sort of comedy experiment, some sort of Frankenstein’s monster”. He arrived at ‘Humournoid’, a mix of humour and humanoid. Only later did it strike him the word had other connotations.

“When you say it out loud, it sounds like ‘haemorrhoid’. I’ve got this idea that people will turn up to the show with creams, lotions, and donut-shaped cushions. In one way I over-thought it, and then also didn’t think it through. Which perfectly describes what I do.”

Tickets for the show are available through the Sands Centre box office.