THE Government has been accused of stalling on adequate post-Brexit provisions for animal movement, jeopardising animal welfare, biosecurity and UK livestock and agri-food businesses

Government inertia is also stalling measures to facilitate movement of livestock, putting UK businesses at risk. The Report identifies an "effective ban" on the export of live animals to the EU for breeding, due to inadequate border controls, despite continued imports of livestock from the trading bloc, leaving the UK at a competitive disadvantage.

Dr Neil Hudson MP for Penrith and The Border, Member of the EFRA Select Committee and veterinary surgeon said:“Our cross party EFRA Select Committee has produced a timely and important report calling on the Government to take urgent action to improve the health and welfare of animals transported across national borders.

Dr Hudson added: “We are calling for tough action on puppy smuggling, an increase in the minimum age of travel for pets to six months, and for health checks and preventative treatments to be instituted for pets coming into the UK. We are also calling for a tightening up of identification of horses to stop the dreadful illegal smuggling of horses for slaughter and for a return to the seamless transport of high health status horses .The measures outlined in our report will help pets, farm livestock and horses and also support UK businesses working in the farm and equine sectors.”

Neil Parish MP, Chair of the EFRA Select Committee, said: "Despite a drastically shrunk livestock export market, the Government is dragging its heels setting up the border controls that exporters of British breeding stock need.”