A women's centre is set to pilot body-worn video cameras for victims of domestic abuse in a bid to ensure more people can be protected and offenders punished.

Women Out West, which is based in Whitehaven and covers Copeland and Allerdale, has been awarded £1,920 from the Sellafield Snowball Fund to pilot the cameras for 10 women.

Rachel Holliday, who was behind the idea, said. “We had an increasing number of women asking for CCTV following experiences of domestic abuse and stalking.

"Thanks to people in our community raising money, we were able to install CCTV for protection.

"We noticed that once the CCTV was installed, the incidences of abuse reduced immensely or stopped all together.

"We can do this at the victim's home, but what happens when she is out shopping or taking her children to school?

"We also know that many crimes against women are 'no further actioned' by police due to a lack of evidence.

"I honestly feel if we can support dashcams to protect cars and drivers, surely we can provide body cams to protect victims?

"I am delighted; not only has Sellafield Snowball Fund supported us, the police have recognised the benefits of this project and the potential it could bring.”

Bodycams have already been deployed by police officers to help fight crime and now it is hoped that providing cameras to victims could help to improve their safety and peace of mind, helping with their mental health.

The cameras are said to provide reliable, high-quality evidence with HD video and audio recording.

It is also hoped that the cameras will act as a deterrent.

Detective Chief Inspector James Yallop said: ‘I welcome any measures that not only help keep people safe but also make them feel safe.

"We must listen to the views of women and girls when it comes to their own safety and the offer of bodycams is another option they have."

Speak-IT Solutions/BodyCamera.co.uk said: “We are proud to supply body-worn cameras as part of the Women Out West project."