AN EGREMONT man is facing a magistrates court trial after he entered not guilty pleas to three allegations, including an assault.

Christopher John Gunn, 34, from Chapel Street, has denied the following three offences, all allegedly committed on March 30:

* At Brisco Mount, Egremont, assaulted a female.

* At Brisco Mount, Egremont, without lawful excuse, damaged a bedside cabinet worth £40 belonging to the same female, intending to destroy that property or being reckless as to whether it would be destroyed or damaged.

* At Brisco Mount, Egremont, threatened the same female, saying that he would burn her house down, intending that she would fear that the threat would be carried out.

After legal discussion s, magistrates adjourned the case for a trial and granted the defendant bail until September 28 for a hearing at Workington Magistrates Court.