Improvements are set to be made to farm land in Aspatria if planning approval is granted by the council.

Allerdale Borough Council has received an application for planning approval from Mr and Mrs Gate, owners of Lonning Head and Lonning Farm in Aspatria.

They hope to build four stables and a store room on their land.

The proposal is to build a purpose made block of stables from timber under a onduline steel sheet roof.

Stables will be sited approximately 40 metres from the rear elevation of the adjacent dwellings, minimising the impact on access for neighbours. Building arrangements will face away from the neighbours so that access and use of the building is screened, providing privacy for everyone involved.

In their design statement, they said: "The proposal being used in connection with the dwelling Lonning Head, will not generate traffic specifically related to the proposal above what is presently the case with regards to the use of the land and occupation of the dwelling.

Applications for planning permission can be viewed and commented on, on the council's website.