Carlisle businesses will now be getting a helping hand as new grant schemes are being made available to them.

Carlisle City Council has already allocated £55 million to companies that have been affected by the pandemic.

It has since launched a new scheme.

Councillr Paul Nedved, portfolio holder for economy, enterprise and housing, said: “We want to encourage businesses to invest in our city centre.

“Businesses and organisations need the confidence to invest in the city centre again.”

Some of the grant schemes include closed business ‘lockdown’ payments and discretionary grant schemes.

This has delivered about £55.7 million of grant funding to local businesses.

As additional support to Carlisle and the city centre through the recovery phase of the pandemic the new grants are now available.

They are in place to encourage businesses to invest in the city centre.

It will be available for new and growing centre businesses.

Councillor Nedved added: “This small business grants programme for new and growing city centre businesses will encourage businesses to invest in our city centre, while helping to reduce vacancy rates and maintain the vitality and viability of the high street.”

It is hoping that new and growing businesses will use the funding to occupy vacant units.

It would help the businesses to afford signage, equipment and other capital work necessary to their success.

The maximum grant would be £5,000 with an average of around £2,000.

The city council says that the grants are aimed at micro businesses that are looking to occupy a vacant lot in the city centre.

For those who already occupy a lot and are looking to expand their business, further considerations will also be made.

For example, for businesses that are looking to expand or move into a new premises.

The criteria for the grant is available at

Inquiries can also be made by calling 01228 817200 or by emailing

The pilot for the scheme will run until March, 2022.