A WOMAN was saved by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team after hearing a 'snap' in her left ankle.

She was descending Raven Crag on Thirlmere when she injured herself.

The woman was stretchered down the road and taken to hospital.

The team said: "After summiting Raven Crag on Thirlmere a woman slipped on the descent and heard a snap in her left ankle.

"She tried to hobble with support a little way but the pain was too much.

"Keswick MRT despatched a vehicle with other team members going direct.

"On arrival at the scene the woman was provided with some pain relief and her ankle splinted.

"She was then stretchered down to the road and from here her family transported her to hospital in Carlisle."

The team was made up of 11 people and the callout lasted one hour and 27 minutes.