PROTESTORS are set to make their voices heard in St Nicholas’ Gardens today.

Environmental activists from Radiation Free Lakeland will be outside St Nicholas’ Gardens in Whitehaven today to protest plans for a geological disposal facility in Cumbria.

A Cumbrian Traders Market will be taking place in St Nich’s when protestors arrive.

Although a site has not yet been identified, working groups have formed in both Copeland and Allerdale to identify the ideal location.

Explaining her issues with the GDF facility, leader of the group Marriane Birkby said: “Some of our supporters with Radiation Free Lakeland are actually market traders themselves, the last thing Cumbrian market traders want is a nuclear waste dump under Cumbria’s land or sea.

“Nobody has said yes to a geological disposal facility which is in effect a dump for heat generating nuclear waste.”

Samantha King, Head of Community Engagement and Site Evaluation for Radioactive Waste Management said: “Internationally, scientists and governments agree that the best permanent solution for higher-activity radioactive waste is geological disposal in a network of vaults and tunnels deep underground, highly engineered, with a series of barriers to prevent harmful levels of radiation from reaching the surface. Stable rock combined with engineered barriers provide enduring safety over long timescales.

“Government policy in England and Wales is based on recommendations from the Independent Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM): which is safe, secure disposal in a GDF, at a suitable location and where the local community has demonstrated its willingness to host such a facility.

Samantha said: “We are at the start of a long journey to find a willing community and a suitable site.”