A popular arts company are launching their Street Art Tour in Carlisle.

Blank Wall Assassins event is taking place at Artwork which is a bar in Carlisle.

The launch event is involving local Councillors and the Mayor who have been pleased with the talent and creativity the company have brought to our streets.

Ben Heslop, the owner and director of Blank Wall Assassins said: “We’re really pleased to have gotten the support of Carlisle City Council and Cumbria County Council.”

“It’s great to know they’ve seen our vision and realised what it can do for the city.”

The Street Art Tour has been developing over the last few years but has recently started to gain more momentum and support.

There will be fourteen pieces around Carlisle that come with QR codes.

These can be scanned so that visitors can go around the city linking all of the pieces together.

The company have teamed up with Discover Carlisle who have created the map which can be found at the Tourist Information Centre in Carlisle.

In the last six months the tour has been gaining a lot of interest.

Because it is all outdoors it is also safe in the times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ben told us that the artwork will appeal to all age groups and the tour is great for everyone including the elderly and children.

The artwork comes from creatives all over the world and is a real display of global talent.

Ben says that the artists involved are some of the best in the world and they create amazing street art and murals.

Mr Heslop said: "We're trying to light people's imaginations of how they can engage with people and culture.

"We want to create vibrant public spaces and challenge perceptions.

"I feel that everyone should have access to art and it should not just be in museums."

More information is on their website.