A former railway station which has been transformed into a new tourist attraction will open this week, housing a piece of movie history.

Simon and Di Parums have been working alongside contractors and volunteers, during the past two years to create an exciting new venture at Bassenthwaite Lake Station.

The station closed in 1966 and had fallen into disrepair. The old station now has a new roof and will form the cafe. Standing alongside it is a full-size replica of a French SNCF steam train which featured in the 2017 film version of the classic tale, Murder on the Orient Express.

There is a core team of four running the business. They previously stated their hope to take on another 25, 10 of which would be full-time.

The station has been painted in authentic “blood and custard” which was used on the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith line. Simon and Di will live in the station master’s house, which has also been fully refurbished.

The owners stated: "We open on 30th July at 7.30am for takeaway breakfasts and 9am for eat-in breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon teas!

"It's been a long haul - 2 years of hard graft - but the phoenix has risen from the ashes and we are super-excited to welcome to welcome you all.

They explained that a wide variety of amenities and activities will be available on site.

"We have 32 seats in the restaurant carriage and another 20-plus in the station building. The carriage seats can be reserved but we are going to keep the station tables available for walk-ins so it's always worth a try and there is no better place to wait for a few minutes than the Dubwath Silver Meadows opposite or have a wander down the station platform to look at the train and watch the wildlife. Plenty of outdoor seating too so you could 'takeaway' but stay on site.

"If the Salon isn't privately booked, there can be no more special place to enjoy morning newspapers and get some peace and quiet!"