News and Star readers have shared their views on plans for a major regeneration to transform Carlisle’s citadel.

As part of the planned transformation of the Citadel, demolition will soon start on Paton House buildings at the rear of the site.

Demolition of the Paton House buildings is a key part of setting the groundworks for the ambitious city centre redevelopment project.

Gavin Johnston said: “Looks amazing but they are going to have to retain a lot of the old Co-op building.

“It's too good to spoil.”

Lisa Tanner said: “Looks amazing, but there will be no shops or history to visit as everything is being demolished.”

Other readers were unimpressed by the new plans and voiced their concern.

Brad Holliday said: “The layout there is fine the way it is, it’s pointless making another pedestrian area there’s going to be no high street shops in the next 20 years, rates are too high and everything is going online to save paying said rates.”

Laura Brown said: “We need more shops and jobs not this Carlisle is dying the city centre is literally nothing now.”

The Citadel's redevelopment project is being led by the University of Cumbria, Cumbria County Council and Carlisle City Council.

This initial stage of works is supported by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership’s £1.782m contribution from the Local Growth Fund.

What are your views on this?