As Government restrictions on social distancing were relieved this week, theatres in our region are gearing up to open up for a first time in over a year,.

Workington's famous Carnegie Theatre is amongst the venues that are finally planning a schedule of new live events for a first time March last year.

The chairman of Carnegie Theatre Trust, Lee Martin White explained his delight that the historic theatre will be able to its unique role at te centre of community arts scene in West Cumbria.

He stated: "In terms of the arts and culture side of things, we're delighted that the theatre can open. We are obviously excited that we can open the full house without social distancing restrictions. Our first show will be on July 13. We are, however, encouraging guests to wear masks when they are in the building and walking through the building. We'll be keeping hand sanitizer present also."

Mr Martin White added that he feels audiences may still be hesitant to return just yet but that their programmes for young people are still being planned to go ahead.

"We are expecting that it will be a sow burn in terms of audiences coming back as I do think there is still an element of hesitation for many but for us it's abot being able to get open. Especially with people having been closed down, I think people do want to start picking up and participating in new activities and so we're looking to really bolster the running of those activities at the Carnegie.

"It's very important that young people are given that chance."