A WAR veteran has walked across the country to help good causes.

Mark Harding, 45, of Wigton, recently completed the Coast to Coast walk to raise money for Great North Air Ambulance and Mind.

He was seriously injured back in 2010 after being shot in the neck during a firefight and was told by two spinal consultants that he would never walk again.

Mr Harding said: “I’m always one for pushing myself more goals and pushing myself.”

After spending a number of years in several different hospitals and going through physio and hydro therapy, he began setting himself challenges.

Mr Harding completed the Coast to Coast challenge in six days and nine hours along with four others.

Allan Forster, a Copeland Borough Councillor, said: “I’ve never seen someone with so much determination.

“It’s absolutely amazing I’d like to see him get the recognition that he deserves.”

Mark decided to raise money for these two charities as he said they were “very close to his heart”.

Mr Harding said: “Myself and my two mates were soaked to the bone, but we did it and this was a massive achievement for me.

“This is something I set myself and I honestly thought I set my bar to high, but I pushed onwards.”

He added: “I just broke it down step by step and I’m so grateful that I had two close ex-army mates to support me along the way.

“Over those six days and nine hours it just shows that anything is achievable with a positive mindset and everything else will fall by the way side. I will achieve what is said can’t be done.”

Mr Harding has raised around £2,700, but is aiming to hit £10,000 if you would like to donate then use the following link gf.me/u/zhty7q.

Mr Harding said: “Massive thanks to Scott Cable, Liam Seager, Amy Cable, Harrison Irving and Alan Forster.

“Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible thank you from the bottom of my heart.”