Those seeking a stage school in Haltwhistle need look no further than this one which has officially opened this week.

Hannah Lucy Stage School has been in development of a proper studio for a while, and has finally been able to open its arms to the public, and the children who want to get more into the performing arts.

Hannah Lucy Stage School was opened by Hannah Lucy in 2019.

Hannah is a qualified dance teacher registered with the BTDA.

She offers a range of classes including ballet, tap, modern and street dance, so there is something for everyone.

The stage school used to run as workshops in community centres, and Hannah has never had a dedicated headquarters for herself.

Within two years of starting her business, she has already achieved what she had thought beforehand would take her ten years.

The school had its first official opening day on June 27, and had its first proper class on Wednesday, June 30.

Hannah Lucy spoke of its opening: "It was really good.

"On Sunday, we opened to let the kids run around, and we had our first class last night (June, 30)."

"We had new classes which the children had not done before, it was a cheerleading class, as well as an acrobatics class.

"In my first two new classes, I had six students turn up, but I also had three more sign up for more - this was all from word of mouth though, and plenty more will come from advertising once that's sorted.

"Having my own shop feel much more professional.

"It's where I had seen myself in ten years but I have done it in two.

"It also felt more personal, because it is my own space, and I can run it how I like.

"I have also just become a member of the Haltwhistle Chamber, and they help me with finding advertisement, and they are a great hub for all businesses - if I need a decent plumber for example, I know they can help me find one easily."

For Hannah, the journey may not be over yet, and this could be just the beginning.

On the topic of possibly expanding, she said: "I would absolutely live to branch out to other villages and towns - but this would mean I need to hire more employees and it could be difficult - but I really think that every child needs a class for them near to where they live."

Contact Hannah at 07983 470534 for more information.